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Your foot problems have met their match. Solon Footcare offers a range of products designed to help reduce pain, prevent blisters and calluses, and relieve countless other problems associated with problem footwear and specific ailments.

Whether it’s to treat bunions and blisters or to heal pain, Solon Footcare has a confortable solution for you. Solon Footcare has a comfortable solution for you. Solon Footcare offers insoles and other products designed to provide comfort and relieve your feet from the aches and pain of your daily life.

Heel Pain

Heel pain is a common foot problem, as walking provides tons of stress on your feet every day. This is particularly the case for your heels since they absorb the first impact when your feet meet the ground. Walking, running, and even standing may become uncomfortable and painful. There are several causes of heel pain. […]

Corns and Calluses

Corns and calluses are usually caused by repeated and prolonged irritation, friction or pressure on the skin. Calluses are most often found on hands and feet and form when layers of skin thicken and harden to protect the skin below from aggression. As for corns, they develop when friction occurs on somewhat circular pressure points. […]


Blisters are fluid-filled pockets in the outer layers of the skin, which usually form when the skin is damaged. The fluid protects the tissue below by cushioning it, also allowing the damaged area to heal. The most common cause for blisters on feet is friction, or rubbing against the skin from wearing uncomfortable, stiff or […]


Bunions are one of the most bothersome and painful foot ailments. Bunions are misaligned joints in your big toe and occasionally in your baby toe. The misalignment of these joints can cause deformity in the toe, causing it to point inward toward your other toes. This can be very painful and can also cause overlapping […]


Fungus and disease thrive in dark, warm, moist places like the inside of a shoe, making your feet prone to developing some type of ailment and odor. If you suffer from foot odor or other common foot problems, Solon Footcare has an insole designed to provide you with fast and effective relief. To help cut […]

Diabetic Friendly

Introducing an exclusive product line, which helps diabetics maintain healthy feet. Thanks to research and development, Solon continues to offer unique, high quality diabetic friendly products. Solon polymer gels are diabetic friendly and made with medical grade mineral oil. They are also non-toxic and hypoallergenic, non-bacteria forming, washable and reusable.   Toe separator Toe spreader […]


Problem shoes can be the source of many common but uncomfortable – even painful – foot and body ailments: foot and toenail fungus, bunions, calluses, blisters, ingrown toenails, hammer toe, toe crest, corns, warts, burning, itching, Athlete’s foot, joint pain, foot and toe pain and even back pain. Don’t suffer any longer, and don’t risk […]